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24 Gauge Sporting 24 Wad (bag/160)

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SG24 Sporting 24 Wad (bag/160)

Wads by Gualandi. BPI makes them perform in America.

The SG24 wad is designed to produce a quick widening pattern with approximately 50% center pattern density. Note; the reduced size shot cup is designed to accommodate half the shot load and the excess shot becomes the (doughnut) fringe of the expanding pattern.

It is assumed by using this wad that the target will likely be less than 45 yards. The best range for the use of the SG24 wad is approximately 25 to 45 yards. This is a very exciting wad for the long station 24 gauge skeet shooters. We have used this wad with great success in sporting clays.

We suggest light loads of fine shot. Loads run from 5/8 ounce to 7/8 ounce lead loads. We usually use the smaller #9 or #8-1/2 sized shot for target shooting to encourage maximum coverage in a quickly expanding pattern.

For hunting loads we use the #7 and #6 plated lead shot.


  • GAS SEAL: “Ringed Dome” .595″ Dia., .030″ Thick, with powder migration ring.
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 1.480″
  • SHOTCUP DEPTH: .555″
  • EXPECTED LOAD AMOUNT: 5/8 to 7/8 oz.


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