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BPI 20 gauge Dispersor X Wads

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Dispersor-X 20ga spreader wad (250/bag)

The Dispersor-X is our best performer for tight ranges of 5-25 yards. An integrated X-shaped spreader device molded directly into the shotcup provides shooters with even pellet distribution. Its G-type crush section reduces felt recoil in the 20-gauge while allowing a variety of load height adjustments. The pegged dome gas seal effectively distributes fast burn rate powders. Use of an overshot card helps create a bit of compression which will produce an even pattern distribution. Great for tight-flushing birds, near overhead shots and close crossing targets.

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  • Shot cup body = 1.365″
  • Diameter = 0.610″
  • Thickness = 0.035″
  • Shot cup depth = 0.780″
  • Seal to cup bottom = 0.530″
  • Product Type: Spreader wad, preslit with two slits.
  • Size: 20-gauge
  • Typical Loads: 3/4 to 7/8 oz lead


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