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FMP .45 230gr FMJ-RN 100CT

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This product: FMP .45 230gr FMJ-RN 100CT
$12.00 $18.00
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Product description

The Complete Metal Jacket range from Frontier Bullets is one to look out for if you are shooting any caliber of handgun. FMJ Bullets are world renowned for their superb performance, accuracy and consistency. Frontier Metal Processing manufacture FMJ Restrike bullets since 1996, and has over the years perfected the process to a product that is used by top shooters around the world.


The consistency and accuracy of FMJ Bullets comes courtesy of the design. Lead Antimony alloy is used to ensure a hardened core, and each bullet is then swaged. After swaging, the bullets are sent to the plating plant where a complete coating of pure copper is added via electroplating. The Lead core is now completely plated in copper, protecting the shooter from any and all contact with lead, and as a final measure of perfection, each bullet is restruck to ensure each bullet is formed exactly like the other.


Restriking involves forcing the complete bullet into a “shaping die” to reform the bullet into the designed shape to remove any imperfections that may have formed during production and plating.




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