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Our Vision

Our vision is you; The RedEye Reloading family! Once you become a customer, you join get adopted to the ranks of the RedEye clan. Not only do we want to sell you top quality, name brand new and used reloading supplies at a reasonable price, we want to support you before, during, and after the sale! At RedEye, you are never alone!

Company History

Years ago, our fearless leader Nik, got this wild idea to start buying out reloading supplies from estate sales, closing gun shops and other places. He then started selling this vast collection using social media. An instant message here, a text message there and he was up and rolling. The more Nik sold, the more he built relationships and started what became the RedEye family. As the business grew he pulled more and more people to help him. Fast forward to today and here we are; Years later, bringing you the best that reloading has to offer!

What We Do

We scour the internet as well as local and regional sales for you, our RedEye family! We find the products and the deals you want. Like in all families, everyone’s needs are different so we go out of our way to make each RedEye Reloading experience as unique as you. We work diligently to get you what you need at a great price. RedEye will not be beat!


Happy Customers

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