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Wheel Will Set you Free Round


Out of stock


The Wheel Will Set you Free Round:35@6.60

Wheel Will Set you Free Round

1 x Victor take their chance with the Wheel:
(3O.OO to the purge)

here is the Wheel List:

6 x seats in Mega Main Event this week
500ct x 3O c@l 147g FM*J
250ct x 3O c@l 175g SMK
1k x 4O c@l 165g FN FM*J*
***Shopping Spree Victor Choice***
1k x 9 c@l 147g FN FM*J*
200ct x 35 rem 2OOg JSP Mix
**Spin the Wheel Again***
1k x 22 c@l 62g FM*J*BT
250ct x 8*m*m C@l 17og JSP
1k x 22 c@l 5og JHP
500ct x 27O c@l 150g JSP
500ct x 45 c@l 230g FMJ new
Lee Deluxe APP Press
Frankford Arsenal Universals Case Trimmer (For Drill Press/hand drill)
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer
3 x Frankford Arsenal Hand De-priming Tool
Frankford Arsenal Wet Tumbler Lite
Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure w/ Bench Mount
***Shopping Spree Victor Choice***
Frankford Arsenal Pile Driver Pr0j0 puller w/ Standard and Magnum Carriers
4 x 24ct Bags of Frankford Arsenal Br@ss InstaClean Packs
Any Instock Worlds Finest Trimm 2 w/ 1 insert **NEW**
1k x AAC 9 115g RN
250ct x 3O c@l 175g SMK (pulls but clean)
1k x 4O c@l 165g FN FM*J*
1k x 22 c@l 5og Frangible brown tip
Dungeon Reloading (Pugz Bench) Mystery Box
Plano Large All Weather Pystol Case
Anker PowerCore 26800 External Battery Charging Pack
600pc 3O8 brass fired MHS
**Victor Choice of any SP Item***
1k x 9 LOS 115g
1k x 9 LOS 124g
500pc x 45 230g fm*j
500pc 3O8 147g f*mj
1200ct x 22 c@l 55g fmj *not sure on brand, either H0rn@dy or Xtreme*
500ct x 3O*06 fired c@se
any 2 x New sets of Lee dyes from Redeye Inventory
Nesco FD-75 Snackmaster Pro Food/Br@ss C@ses dehydrator/dryer
Food Saver FM2000-FFP Vacuum Sealer w/ starter kit
Wheeler Digital Accurizing Torque Wrench
Wheeler Engineering 89 Pieces Gunsmithing Screwdriver/bit set
Wheeler 30mm/1″ Scope Mounting Kit
Tipton Best Gun Vise
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Scale
Caldwell E-Max Shadows Electronic Hearing Protection w/ Bluetooth
***Shopping Spree Victor Choice***
Moultrie AM-900 Trail Camera Standard Range Flash
Havalon PIranta Edge XT Knife w/ 100 extra blades
4 x 5O c@l Ammo Cans
**Any Item in a SP List and all your Fight Night $$ back from this round***
Savior Classic Tactical Double Long Ryfle Case
Eberlestock Padded Magic Carpet Shooting Mat (FDE)
2 x 10pk of Key’d Trigga gun l0ck sets (guarenteed each pack of 10 are keyed alike)
Gloryfire gun cleaning kit
Safe Delux Biometric lock + digital lock Gun Safe for pystols
2 x Instock LE Wilson Case Gauges
2 x Instock Dillon Case Gauges
**GC Value back via Venmo***
Nosler 9 Manual + Lyman 50th Manual + Hornady 11th manuals
Sierra 6th Manual + Lyman 50th manual + Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Edition
***Shopping Spree Victor Choice***
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Primer Pocket Swager (Bench Mount)
***Pick a new victor from*****
Walker Razor Slim 2 pack electronic shooting muffs
Highwild SHooting Target Stand with CHaind Mounting kit + with choice of 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ AR500 3/8 steel gong
Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide handheld GPS Navigator
Fitbit Inspire HR fitness Tracker
JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Grey
Ameristep 1 person Tent Chair Blind (Chair not included, lol)
ALPS Outdoor Z Falcon Hunting Pack
Moultrie AM-900 Trail Camera Standard Long Range Flash Kit
Retevis RT17 6pk Long Range 2 way walkie talkies kit
SSP Eyewear Methow Shooting GLasses Kit w/ Camo Frames and 6 x Lens Kit
***Shopping Spree Victor Choice***
Caldwell Ballistic Preision Chronograph
Mix and Match Splatter Targets
(choose 3 x 50 packs of 12 x 12, 12″ circle, 12×18 Silhouette, or 12×18 Target)
BOG Field Pod Adjustable Hunting Tripod
Dungeon Reloading (Pugz Bench) Mystery Box
(No choice, but if you drop suttle hints,they might get caught)
Redeye Mystery Box
**pick 2 items from the SP list***
1 year gift of Amazon Prime Membership
Blackstne Adventure Ready 17″ table top outdoor Griddle
5 x bags of any 12oz Black Ryfle Coffee Company Coffee (except Galactic Gunner roast)
120.00 Pugz Bench Mystery Box
Area 419 Master Reloading Funnel Kit
1 Gallon of Brass Juice
1 liter of Brass Juice Ryfle Or Pystol C@se Lubricant
Shooters Lube Mega Combo Pack (32oz of Solvent and 8oz of oil)
20lbs of Southern Shine Media Stainless Chips
5 x instock 16oz bags of Volcanica Coffee (whole beans or ground)
OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
52qt Igloo BMX Cooler
***Shopping Spree Victor Choice***
Cadece CS10-1000 Spinning Reel
KA0BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Knife, Straight
Olight M2r Pro Warrior 1800 Lumens Tactical Flashlight
Olight BALDr RL-Mini 600 Lumens We@pon Light
120.00 FNA GC

See URL ABove, Rules listed below

See URL Above. Rules listed below.

. 1.Carleto Givey
. 2.Scott Hartman
. 3.Franklin Goff
. 4.Tony Sash
. 5.Carleto Givey
. 6.Franklin Goff
. 7.Franklin Goff
. 8.Kevin Luke
. 9.Robert Burke
. 10.Robert Burke
. 11.Carleto Givey
. 12.Tony Sash
. 13.Franklin Goff
. 14.Scott Hartman
. 15.Sam Bashans Jr.
. 16.Franklin Goff
. 17.Franklin Goff
. 18.Zachariah Taylor
. 19.Robert Burke
. 20.Tony Sash
. 21.Franklin Goff
. 22.Carleto Givey
. 23.Franklin Goff
. 24.Zachariah Taylor
. 25.Kevin Luke
. 26.Robert Burke
. 27.Franklin Goff
. 28.Tony Sash
. 29.Robert Burke
. 30.Zachariah Taylor
. 31.Franklin Goff
. 32.Robert Burke
. 33.Tony Sash
. 34.Zachariah Taylor
. 35.Carleto Givey

Please comment the number of seats you want in this fight. 7 seats per person for the first 3 minutes. Notify the ref when 3 mins are up and if you would like to get anymore remaining seats.
No multiple accounts allowed. You will be banned if caught using them.
Seats may be called by the ref in the event of the following:
1. Ref is calling seats for a round inwhich seats were offered
2. A person is in FB jail and is able to communicate via the Fight Night America FB Messenger group. Permission will be asked and granted in the chat.
Do Not Delete or Edit your Responses. If there is an issue, message me for correction.
The Ref will refresh the list once it has closed at least 3 times to ensure we have the correct order! No Posts will be liked until this is confirmed!
If your comment is liked, A Pay Link will be posted for you to click on! It will take you to the Redeye Fight Night Site to select the number of spots you.
Pay using CC or Gift Card. Once you check out and have paid, please post up “PD” + how you paid “CC, or GC”.
You will have 5 minutes to pay once the list is posted, otherwise your spots will be sold off to the next person in line.
During this time, the Ref will be reviewing all tr@ns@ctions and will verify each person, each seat/spot, and ensure that all things were completed correctly!
A List will be generated and posted for every person to review ON the site. This list will have randomly assigned names/numbers assigned either drawn at random or randomly created by the Ref. Please verify your spots/names on the list. A time of no less than a minute will be granted for people to review. Once the round goes Live using FB, no refunds will be given. We try to minimize mistakes and on a case by case basis a round may be re-ran. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the person to verify the list is accurate before going live.
*******If the list is not correct, please PM the Ref ASAP!**********
Once Funds are good, a post will be made and the Ref will go live via FB!
Lets remember to have fun! Any questions, please send a PM to the Ref!
Good Luck and may the force be with you!

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Additional information

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