Reloading creates new firearms ammunition by assembling components such as bullets, powder, primers, and cases. To do this, you will need to gather the proper reloading supplies. This article will help you understand what exactly you need to start reloading your ammunition, starting with


Beginners can choose between an Arbor, turret, or high-volume rotary press:

  • An arbor press uses a special die to help shape or form objects. It is especially useful for Benchrest shooting, where accuracy and precision are essential. Those who make small amounts of ammunition for precision shooting events often opt for this to create the perfect round.
  • The turret press is a machine with multiple dies attached, allowing it to quickly switch between operations without changing the dies. This reloading process is much faster.
  • The high-speed rotary press is a machine that is designed to rapidly produce ammunition using components like brass casings, gunpowder, bullets, and primers. It has hoppers for each component and can work autonomously with minimal oversight. The rotary press is the perfect solution if you’re looking to manufacture ammo rapidly.

Resizing Equipment

Resizing dies are a tool used in reloading that allows you to size of the brass cases used in ammunition. The full-length resizing die is designed to bring the brass to spec. You can also get dies to size certain parts of the case. For example, you can get a die that will only resize the case’s body or neck. 

You can also get a full-length resizing die with interchangeable bushings to choose the amount of neck sizing you need. By adjusting the height of the die body in the press and choosing the right bushing, you can customize the sizing of the brass cases to get the desired neck tension.

Reloading supplies for brass requires more than just presses and dies. It’s important to lubricate the brass before resizing it to prevent cases from getting stuck in the dies. Various types of lube can be applied by rolling cases on a lube pad, spraying them with an aerosol lube, or using a lubed brush to lube the inside of the case neck.

Priming Gear

Many handloaders prefer using a separate primer tool to insert primers into cases. These tools generally provide a more precise and consistent primer seating depth than the built-in type. Furthermore, a separate primer tool typically offers a more sensitive feel for seating the primer, which is especially important for heavier loads. Seating the primer to the desired depth can be a great advantage when achieving the most consistent muzzle velocity and accuracy.

A bench-mounted priming tool is a popular option for handloaders that provides a good sense of feel when seating primers. It has a long lever arm which gives the user a more sensitive touch when seating the primers so that they can get a better sense of the depth and pressure of the primer.

To Conclude

Beginner reloaders only need to remember three supplies when starting: a press, resizing die, and a primer tool. These solid foundations build upon the intermediate and expert practices you’ll go through when reloading ammunition.

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