One of the main advantages of reloading is the potential for significant ammunition cost savings, especially if you buy your brass in bulk. You won’t just end up spending less money in the long run, but you’ll also be safe from supply shortages.

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1. Good Insurance Policy

The Second Amendment opponents are unrelenting in their criticism of the firearms industry. However, unplanned crises like the coronavirus can destabilize the international supply chain that reloaders depend on. As we all know, the price of reloading supplies will inevitably rise over time.

The best course of action is to stock up on necessities like bulk reloading brass because the future cannot be predicted. Consider it a form of insurance that will assist in safeguarding you and your loved ones no matter what the future may bring. 

2. Easy to Store

Buying in bulk is always a smart move when it comes to finding a good deal on brass. Not only does it save you money, but it also ensures you have plenty of brass on hand when you need it. Brass can be easily placed in a warehouse or container, and it will not rust or tarnish as quickly.

3. Solution for Price Hikes and Shortage

Frequently, buying bullet parts in bulk from manufacturers is much simpler. You can save money by buying these parts separately. Then, making new bullets only requires a few hours at the reloading bench.

In times of ammo shortage, the lines can grow quite long. Customers in gun stores might be limited to purchasing a few boxes of ammunition at once. However, if you have reloading brass in bulk, there is no need for concern.

4. Practical

You pay for the creation of a finished bullet when you buy one. However, there are significant financial savings to be had by purchasing the parts separately and putting them together yourself. 

Fortunately, the brass casing is the least expensive of the four bullet parts. Brass can be purchased in large quantities, as previously mentioned. Certified once-fired brass that can be reloaded numerous times in the future is also available.

Just make sure you choose the right cartridge size. You can only use the cartridge the gun was designed for. Even if other types chamber they are not safe to use. 

5. Reload the Same Brass Multiple Times

Brass can be recycled an unknown number of times, depending on who you ask. Some contend that the amount of reloads ought to be restricted. Some claim that you can reload many many times.

Notably, only brass that seems to be in good condition should be used. It is not permitted to reload with brass that has been bent, warped, or split. You can reload bullets several times if you buy high-quality brass.


If you’re like most reloaders, you probably buy brass in bulk for two reasons: to save money and increase your brass supply. The bottom line is that brass is necessary for any reloading operation. Buying in bulk is the most economical way to acquire this vital commodity. 

Several online retailers sell brass in bulk at very competitive prices. A little research will reveal the best brass deals and help keep your reloading operation supplied with this essential ingredient.

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