223/556 Brass Fully Processed 500ct

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Each box contains fully processed once fired brass shell casings that are ready to load. Will contain both .223 and 5.56 cases. This is fully processed brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. Casings have been deprimed, swaged, trimmed to SAAMI specs, FL sized, roll sized and then polished again. This brass contains different manufacturer’s headstamps. It is recommended that all brass be inspected, prior to being reloaded and fired.

Great care has gone into processing this material, we know you will absolutely love it! Get all the benefits of new brass at a fraction of the cost!  Spend more time shooting and less time behind the bench trimming and swaging primer pockets.

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1 review for 223/556 Brass Fully Processed 500ct

  1. mike montreal (verified owner)

    i`ve been buying processed 223 brass from several vendors the past year or so. some were good, others were not. i bought 500ct of these a couple of weeks ago and these are fantastic. most of the other vendors brass i used had problems with primer seating. their swaging process was not very good. these from REDEYE are great. out of 500, all 500 had the primers seated w/o any problems. i liked these so much so i just ordered more.

    if this next order is the same, i`m not going to order from anyone else unless REDEYE does not have in stock. 5 stars !!!

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