Fight Night Random This or That Round:


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Random This or That Round: 42@7.5O

Fight Night Random This or That Round:

(3O.OO to the purge)

BKS are 1 and 42
Your choice from the list:
(Must choose from list if you have not pre-approved anything)

2k x Ginex SPP
2k x Ginex SRP
3 x lbs of mix n match magic dust from Powder Valley Inc (Must be in stock and in 1lb containers)
2 x Mix n Match 1k of CCI SRP, CCI SPP, Cheddite 2O9, primers from Powder Valley Inc
15O.OO Visa GC
15O.OO GC from Pre-Approved Online Store (needs to be able to be emailed)
8 x seats in upcoming Mega Main Event this week
Anything from the Aero Round that is Aero Branded + a FNA GC (if necessary)
Black Rifle Coffee Company Ultimate Combo Kit
(Choose from Whole bean or Ground)
1 x 12oz bag of Silencer Smooth
1 x 12oz bag of Just Black
1 x 12oz bag of Ak-47 Espresso Blend
1 x 12oz bag of Beyond Black
1 x 12oz bag of Flying Elk
1 x 12oz bag of Tactisquatch
1 x 12oz bag of Power Llama
OXO Bur Coffee Grinder
Torres Jamie Reserva De La Familia 750ml
Glenfiddich 18 year single malt scotch Whisley 750ml
Eh Taylor Small Batch Bourbon 750ml
Nikka Yoichi Japanese Whiskey 750ml
Ron Zacapa XO Rum 750ml
Rey Del Mundo Anejo 750ml
Get a Bottle approved!!!! PM ME for details

Get Something Pre-Approved

See URL Above. Rules listed below

1. Chris Krashna-bks
2. Charlie Byers
3. Franklin Goff
4. Ian Phillips
5. Andrew Andress
6. Han Speekhout
7. Charlie Byers
8. Doug Dalton
9. Chris Krashna
10. John Spillane
11. Andrew Andress
12. Han Speekhout
13. Charlie Byers
14. Wesley Putney
15. Franklin Goff
16. Han Speekhout
17. Wesley Putney
18. Cj Crum
19. John Spillane
20. John Spillane
21. Wesley Putney
22. John C. Grollimund
23. Doug Dalton
24. Cj Crum
25. Chris Krashna
26. Ian Phillips
27. Ed Schooler
28. Charlie Byers
29. Chris Krashna
30. John C. Grollimund
31. Wesley Putney
32. Cj Crum
33. Ed Schooler
34. Chris Krashna
35. Roger Paul III
36. Charlie Byers
37. Cj Crum
38. Franklin Goff
39. Cj Crum
40. Franklin Goff
41. John C. Grollimund
42. Chris Krashna-bks

Please comment the number of spots you want in this fight. 7 spots per person for the first 3 minutes. Notify the ref when 5 mins are up and if you would like to get anymore remaining spots.
No multiple accounts allowed. You will be banned if caught using them.
Do Not Delete or Edit your Responses. If there is an issue, message me for correction.
The Ref will refresh the list once it has closed at least 3 times to ensure we have the correct order! No Posts will be liked until this is confirmed!
If your comment is liked, A Pay Link will be posted for you to click on! It will take you to the Redeye Fight Night Site to select the number of spots you.
Pay using CC, Paypal, or Gift Card. Once you check out and have paid, please post up “PD” + how you paid “CC, PP, or GC”.
You will have 5 minutes to pay once the list is posted, otherwise your spots will be sold off to the next person in line.
During this time, the Ref will be reviewing all tr@ns@ctions and will verify each person, each seat/spot, and ensure that all things were completed correctly!
A List will be generated and posted for every person to review ON FB. This list will have randomly assigned names/numbers assigned either drawn at random or randomly created by the Ref. Please verify your spots/names on the list. A time of no less than a minute will be granted for people to review. Once the round goes Live using FB, no refunds will be given. We try to minimize mistakes and on a case by case basis a round may be re-ran. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the person to verify the list is accurate before going live.
*******If the list is not correct, please PM the Ref ASAP!**********
Once Funds are good, a post will be made and the Ref will go live via FB!
Lets remember to have fun! Any questions, please send a PM to the Ref!
Good Luck and may the force be with you!

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