Hornady LnL AP Primer Cam Wire Bracket – Black – (3 pack)

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**Notice – Stock photos are Renders of the item. This is not the exact 3d printed part.
Dungeon Reloading has partnered with Redeye Reloading to bring some new or updated 3d printed parts for the reloading community to life!

Hornady LnL AP Primer Cam Wire Bracket: (Shipping is included in price)
This bracket has been slightly modified and beefed up in the places it needs to be so that when the press encounters a jam, the Cam wire will pop out. This will result in less issues with broken brackets. This allows you to get back to reloading faster!

These items are printed from tested CO-Polymer filament that is designed to be used in the reloading room/area. Unlike several other 3d printing companies, we print our items with high quality filaments/materials so factors such as sunlight, oils/alcohols/grease/lube, etc do not affect the prints. They are also durable and in alot of cases, hold up better than extruded/mass produced parts.

Colors we can print in are: Black/Red/Orange

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